Consequent to the ban of Mercury-­vapour lamps and its ineffective successor; sodium­-halide lamps, Hüffler municipality decided in favour of cutting-­‐edge, advanced, LED-­based sustainable lighting solutions for public illumination.

Fist project of replacing streetlights was done in 2010  and  the second in 2017 that replaced the floodlights of the community football field. Besides achieving direct and drastic cost reductions due to  the low energy consumption of the new illumination system, the project also brings unparalleled climate benefits by avoiding greenhouse gas emissions.

The custom­‐built LEDs by Lanzmanufaktur GmbH are acclaimed to outperform the conventional LED solutions by a wide margin. In addition to the innovativeness of the technical solution, the financing mechanism of the project is also recognised as pioneering for such public project in small communities.


  • Street lighting project incurred a cost of EUR 106,000 in 2010 of which 75% was raised through a community credit program
  • LED street lights reduced the electricity consumption by ca. 70% (from 51,502kWh/a to 15,182kWh/a), whilst associated energy costs reduced by 67% (from 16,486EUR/a to 5,400EUR/a)
  • Street illumination associated greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by up to 80% or ca. 2.5 tonne CO2-­‐eq/a
  • Similar performance was reported in football field illumination project including 70% energy consumption reduction
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