In 1996, Morbach,  formerly  home  for  the largest ammunition depot  of  the  US  Air  Force in Europe, was decided to be repurposed as an energy landscape with  the  intention  of offsetting many GHG equivalents as possible through renewable energy implementation to create a ‘Zero Emission’ community.

Since then, various renewable energy  technologies including, wind, PV, biomass energy were implemented abating ca. 32,500 tons of CO2-­‐e per annum through 50 million kWh/a of electrical  energy  generation.

Besides renewable energy generation, direct GHG emission reduction through energy efficiency improvement and integrated environmental protection technologies and strategies are also implemented at Energy Landscape Morbach.


  • 14 wind turbines of 28 MW installed capacity
  • 40,000 m2 of PV modules amounting to 4.3 MWp installed capacity
  • Biogas plant (500 MWel & 750 MWth) exclusively operated with renewable raw material supplied by 15 local farmers
  • Wood pellet production plant with the capacity of 15,000 t/a using heat from biogas CHP and electricity supply  from  wind turbines
  • A wood-­‐chip based power plant of the installed capacity of 750 kW
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