Rhein-­Main Deponiepark [RMD] is a 21st-­century ‘landfill’ site purposefully built to demonstrate the possibilities of repurposing waste to resources and the production of renewable energy. The cluster of companies includes a recycling facility,  a  waste management centre  including  a  landfill  for inert material, and power generation facility using biomass and solar energy.

In particular, RMD’s biogas plant, one of the largest and most advanced in Europe, is reputed for its scale and scope of operations. It valorises organic household waste (separately collected food and garden waste) with the intention of producing renewable energy as well as high-quality organic fertiliser.


  • 45 kt of separately collected organic household waste is fed to the dry fermenter that produces 5 million m3/a of biogas
  • The onsite combined heat and power plant produces 10.5 million  kWh  of  electrical energy and 13.1 million  kWh of thermal energy per annum
  • Biogas digestate yields 22kt of solid fertilizer and 12kt of liquid fertilizer per annum
  • A 15MW biomass power plant (capacity to handle 120kt/a of waste wood of cat. A I to A III), 5.3MW gas engines to convert 15 million m3/a of landfill gas, and a 7MWp PV plant that produces about one million kWh/a of green electricity are among other REN technologies
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