Entsorgungsverband Saar [EVS] is a consortium providing all municipalities of Saarland the modern infrastructure for efficient and environmentally compatible wastewater treatment solutions. While actively looking for advanced wastewater management solutions, EVS is currently piloting alternative sludge management systems –as sludge is a key burden in WWT– in order to:

a.) reduce its environmental impact and

b.) to recover the valuable resources embedded in sludge.

EVS’ Homburg plant currently pilots PYREG GmbH’s P500 pyrolyser to treat sludge, through which, the reduction of sludge volume and mineralisation of phosphorus, is targeted.

PYREG GmbH is a pioneer in designing, developing and manufacturing of carbonization equipment for waste biomass in agriculture, industry and municipal sectors. PYREG reactors convert biomass as well as sewage sludge to valuable biochar and ash rich in plant nutrients which could be utilized directly in agricultural soils as an amendment.


  • Advance PYREG reactors (eg. P500) with a fuel capacity of 500kW can handle a fuel flow rate of 180 kg/h of DM or 1000 -­‐ 1500 t of DM per annum
  • The substantial volume of sludge occurring from treating 60,000m3/day of wastewater is treated with P500, and reduces the sludge volume by 80% and mineralises its content to a ‘P’ rich soil additive
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