Environmentally benign space heating is a priority of Rhein-­‐Hunsrück Entsorgung [RHE] thus actively invested in biomass-­‐based heating in the Kirchberg and Simmern counties since 2010.

Focusing strongly on the Regional Added Value of its actions, RHE utilises regionally available woody biomass (trees and shrubs) to produce biomass fuel (fuel processing involves: cutting, sorting, drying, shredding etc.) that is subsequently used in biomass burners to produce climate neutral heat energy for space heating. Produced heat energy at heating centres is supply to a school building in Simmern, a swimming pool and the town hall in Kirchberg, and also to a home for the elders in the neighbourhood.

Added to the portfolio of green energy production RHE has also invested in a sizable PV plant through which completely fulfils its own energy requirement in administrative buildings and supply the balance to the regional grid.


  • Gross thermal energy production in the two counties amount to 6.5 million kWh/a (equivalent avoidance of heating oil is 460 kL/a) through 1.5MW capacity biomass burners
  • Total GHG offset (through biomass heat use) amounts to 790 t/a
  • Maintains 2.1 km of a district heating network
  • Installed capacity of PV plant amounts to1.7 MWp, which produces ca. 1.36 MWh of electrical energy per annum
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