A champion in sustainable heat and electricity generation, OIE AG serves many municipalities of Nahe-­‐Hunsrück-­‐Glantal region by supplying biomass-­‐based heat and electricity. The principal source of fuel employed is woodchips, derived from residual and forest wood.

Acquired from the previous operators in  the late ‘90s, the cogeneration plant at Hoppstädten-­‐Weiersbach was refurbished in 2002 by OIE and retrofitted with state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐ art technologies with an investment of EUR 15 million. This plant exclusively uses wood chips from sustainable sources and  produces  heat and electricity that feed to the respective local grids. This facility is among the largest ‘green energy’ producers in the  region  and  reputed for employing an efficient fuel management system in its innovative power plant.


  • With an installed capacity of 29MW, the plant’s heat and electrical energy generation amounts to 13 GWh and 60 GWh per annum respectively that maintains a fuel demand of ca. 60,000 tonnes per annum
  • Steam generation rate of the plant is 37.5 tonnes per hour at 60 bar pressure and 450°C
  • Manages a district heating system of ca 7.7km
  • Estimated greenhouse gas abetment capacity of the plant amounts to 38 kilotonnes per annum
  • Service life of the plant is 20 years, comparable to a conventional coal-­‐fired power plant
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