With the necessary infrastructure put in place, the district heating system of the municipality of Birkenfeld was commissioned in 2016, which predominantly uses regionally available biomass residue for thermal energy generation. The special purpose entity established for the construction, ownership, and operations of the district heating system; Nahwärmeversorgung Birkenfeld GmbH (NVB) includes the administrator; Birkenfeld Municipality, the green residue collection agency; Entsorgungsgesellschaft des Landkreise Birkenfeld GmbH (EGB), and the technical service provider; EDG. This state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art district heating system is designed to bring superior environmental-­‐ and economic  benefits to the inhabitants without compromising the quality of service over the next 20 years using regionally available biomass waste.


  • Length of the district heating network amounts to 2196 m
  • Installed capacity of the system amounts to1.8 MWth and employs combined heat and power generation using regionally available biomass residue as primary fuel
  • Provides thermal energy and hot water for 100 single-­‐family households annually
  • Among others, the environmental benefits include, 512 tonnes of GHG emission abated and 170,000 litres of fuel oil equivalents saved per annum.
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